From the scriptures, we know that there are two aspects of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 1Samuel 10:6-9 is the summary of the ministry of the Holy Spirit which is, to change us completely to another man. According to 2Tim.1:6 -7, the Holy Spirit was not just given to us for power – Acts1:8, but it was also given to us for love – Romans5:5. We are supposed to walk in the power of God and serve in love.
In serving God, a lot of things are important whether evangelizing or preaching, the message and the method of serving God is important. The motive and our motivation for serving God should be love 1Cor.14:1. If your motive for serving God is to win the applause of men, to make money or to create an impression, then that motive is wrong. The motive should be because we love God and the brethren.
When we don’t serve God in love, the following are the consequences:

    • According 1Samuel16, there was a need for a change in leadership in the land and this change
      was motivated by God. God sent Samuel to the house of Jesse to choose for Him a king to replace Saul who had been rejected by God for his disobedience. David the youngest happened to be God’s choice. Eliab, Jesse’s rst born was religious but being religious was not enough for him to be God’s choice. In serving God, you need to be born again, being religious is not enough. Abinadab the second son of Jesse was also made to pass before Samuel. The name Abinadab means
      sacrice. To serve God, you must be ready to make sacrice but this is also not enough. Shammah another son of Jesse was also rejected. Shammah means somebody who is outstanding and talented. To serve God, we need to be talented and outstanding and all these qualities are necessary to serve God but they are not enough. All Jesse’s seven sons lacked true love. They all presented themselves to Samuel but left David whose name means beloved, behind. God was looking for the kind of love that will command the attention of heaven and this love was found in David but absent in his brothers in that they sent David away to be attending to sheep. This act disqualied them. When you don’t have compassion and love, you can’t serve God acceptable. Many people have this kind of attitude; when they see things that will be benecial for others; they claim such things to themselves. Do we hide valuable
      information from our brethren, things that can make a difference in their career, home or ministry? We
      need to examine our attitude.
    •  The second case study is the story of the prodigal son and his brother – Luke 15:11-28. The prodigal son, having received his inheritance and moved to a far country where he wasted it in riotous living. He came back home to ask for his father’s forgiveness. But the senior brother became angry with their father for accepting his brother back. This attitude of the senior brother showed his lack of love for his father and for his brother – Luke 15:25.
      Though he had a lot of positive sides, he was (obedient and hardworking) but he didn’t know what his brother’s departure from home meant to his
      father. He didn’t have a feel of the father’s heart. If you don’t love God intimately, you will not know the heart beat of God. He didn’t understand what makes the father truly happy. When we don’t love God and we are trying to serve him, we are only serving ourselves. The prodigal son had some good qualities: he knew
      his rights; he knew that if he asked, he will receive. He is like a Christian who knows how to pray and get result but lack love. He lacked love for his father because he loved his father’s property and not his blessing. He didn’t want to be under his father’s control, that was why as soon as he received his portion, he left home. When you don’t love God, many decisions you take will be bedeviled with mistakes.
      If you love God’s gifts and you don’t love His presence and commandments, then you don’t love God. There are three things you can do with investment:
      [a.] You can spend it.
      [b.] You can waste it.
      [c.] You can grow it.
      The prodigal son wasted his own investment; he didn’t grow it. Every spiritual resource is a depleting asset that needs to be replaced or relled; otherwise,
      it will be gone; the farther you are from God, the less efcient your life becomes, and the more the wastage you experienced. When we serve God with a heart
      that is not deeply immersed in God’s love we will experience spiritual decay. When the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is higher than your spiritual
      capacity, if you don’t seek for help, you will destroy yourself.
    • The third case study is in Luke 19:11-27. The parable of the ten servants who were given ten pounds. One of the lessons of the story is that there are certain blessings God has given us equally and one of them is the Holy Spirit. When the servants were asked to give account, most of them were able to make prot except the one given one pound who buried his own instead of working with it.
      The mistake the servants made is that they did not work together, perhaps they have spirit of competition. Each person seemed to be on his own; just as there are a lot of divisions and schisms among Christian workers which ought not to be so.If the servants had all planned together, they would have made more prots and nobody would have been left with only one pound. This is one of t problems God has with His workers. People do not serve together in love and oneness and at the end, only few people succeed while others fail. When we love God, and the brethren and we serve Him together in love and oneness, we can excel in God’s service; but when we miss this, we lose out. So let us serve God with love and be deeply affectionate for God and for the brethren.
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